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Vintage Guide – Parental Controls In order to use parental controls in your Electronic Container you must first setup a personal GREEN. This FLAG will undoubtedly be required to access any information that’s had the adult control options, along with a constraint put upon it. Click SELECTION/ADJUSTMENTS twice in your Shaw Remote to produce the Key Selection in a display that is full Before you reach Startup push the down-arrow Press OK Demand Adult Control Setup choice utilising the arrow keys Press OK Enter A4-digit FLAG of one’s choice. This is the GREEN that will be required to be capable of create alterations towards the Adult Control Startup in the future Enter the GREEN again to ensure The menu below should seem once the PIN has been joined and validated. Make use of the ARROW links on your own Shaw remote to highlight the choice you want to alter, then click OK Take Note. You’ll need to manage each field individually to use the Parental Locks for those who have more than one Digital Box in the house. Movie Score Locks Film scores just influence Shaw Ondemand purchases (Payperview titles are addressed as stations when it comes for their content ranking program. Discover Television Standing Locks for Pay Per View lock choices.) See a adult controls options, then choose Film Reviews Locks. Click OK when a score is outlined allow/disable the lock.

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A padlock can look to the right of the status explanation to indicate that the score continues to be locked. A FLAG is likely to be expected, should you attempt to get a film having a closed Movie Standing. Video Rating Choices Movie Rating Tips GARY/F: General readers PG: Parental guidance recommended PG-13/AA: Parents strongly cautioned NC-17: nobody 17 and under Adult: Adult audiences only Take Note. It is possible to push the LAST option on your own Shaw Remote EXIT application watching TV and to leave the menu, and to return for the prior menu TV Score Locks Frequent Television channels are affected by these ratings and Payperview channels-based to #8217 & flick or the TV show;s status. Demand parental controls controls, then choose TV Reviews Locks. Click okay whenever a rating is featured to enable/disable the lock. A padlock will appear to indicate the ranking has been locked.

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If you attempt to see a-channel broadcasting a program using a locked TV Standing, a FLAG will soon be necessary to discover the route it’s being broadcast on. Television Rating Recommendations H: For audiences PG: Parental guidance recommended 14+: Parents cautioned 18+: For adult audiences only Please Note. You’ll be able to click the LAST option on your own Shaw Rural to return to the prior menu, and LEAVE application viewing Television and to leave the menu By opening the master lock setting you’re able to often take them of absolutely, or bypass all locks temporarily once adult settings have been put in place on your own Electronic Container. This method permits you to quickly disable the locks you have set all also to re-permit them down the road, and never have to reconfigure every individual lock. Locks are, then chosen by to bypass master locks avigate phone tracking towards the parental controls controls. Highlight ” Bypass Locks ” select Yes by pressing THE CORRECT arrow key to quickly avoid all locks. You will be caused to verify your choice again; pick Bypass click okay and locks. Master Locks To reactivate the locks after temporarily bypassing them: Demand adult controls controls, then pick Locks.

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Emphasize “Remove all locks” and select Yes by demanding on THE CORRECT arrow switch on your own Shaw Remote to eliminate all formerly set locks. You’ll be caused to confirm your selection again; choose click okay and Remove All Locks. Take Note. You’ll be able to click THE PAST switch on your own Shaw Remote to go back for the previous menu, and LEAVE to quit the menu and resume watching TV This is the GREEN required to discover the Parental Control Settings menu, and any Movie Standing, Television Rating, Assistance (Videoondemand), Funnel and Concept locks. Remove the PIN requirement for some of the previously-mentioned locks and to clear the Adult Handle locks, enter your current 4- FLAG. The Locks FLAG has unintentionally satisfied or if no PIN is arranged, it will exhibit: Enter fresh Locks PIN:. Just enter your 4-digit FLAG again to reactivate your locks, and reenter the 4-digit GREEN again if requested to ensure. Enter GREEN that is new: This is the FLAG needed On-Demand or to authorize a purchase produced through Payperview, on your own Digital Box, even when the name is not blame in Shaw On-Demand.

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When an endeavor is built to order a subject during your Electronic Pack, you will be motivated for this FLAG. You are able to set this PIN to be just like the Locks PIN, or you’ll be able to choose a FLAG that was different. If there is a PIN already fixed, it’ll show To Distinct, Enter Recent Purchase PIN: If power is dropped, would you like to lock all plans until scores and titles are restored?: Having this option set-to YES can stop the locks from being handicapped following the Electronic Container has been unplugged from power. Normally, when the Digital Pack is unplugged, the locks will have to be put in place. Please Note. You’ll be able to push THE PAST switch on your own Shaw Remote LEAVE resume watching Television and to exit the menu, and to return to the past menu Support locks are used to secure and unlock use of Shaw On Demand. A PIN will be required each time Shaw Ondemand is accessed, after the lock is empowered. See a parental controls adjustments, then select Company Locks.

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Media okay to lock use of Shaw Ondemand throughout your Digital Pack, along with a padlock symbol will be. Shaw Ondemand Entry Please Be Aware. You are able to click THE PAST option on your own Shaw Distant to return towards the previous selection, and EXIT to exit the menu The “hide brands” environment allows adult and person titles to be prevented by you from being proven to the Involved Manual. Access will not be prevented by hiding games to them. To restrict use of this system, fixed a TV Status Lock. Navigate to the parental controls adjustments, then select Hide Brands. Click OK to trigger among the alternatives that are following: Adult, 18+: Cover brands of Person (18+) applications Adult: Cover titles of Person programs Don’t hide titles: DoN’t conceal titles will be the default collection Cover Games around the Guide Please Be Aware. You’re able to click the LAST button on your Shaw Rural EXIT application watching TV and to leave the menu, and to come back for the preceding selection Route Locks can be utilized to secure personal routes. Demand parental controls settings, then choose Channel Locks.

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Scroll through the programs using the UP down-arrow switches on your own Shaw Rural. Media okay to secure/unlock a-channel (based stations are designated with a padlock image) Secure Individual Routes Please Be Aware. It is possible to press THE PAST option on your Shaw Remote EXIT application watching Television and to leave the menu, and to come back towards the prior selection The ” subject locks ” setting will secure the present that is presently playing. Demand adult controls options, then pick Concept Locks. Click okay to lock/unlock the name (the subject is closed when marked having a padlock image.) You may also lock a name specifically through the Online Information by executing these steps: Click the MANUAL key on your own Shaw Remote Identify this system name by navigating through the Guide you would like to lock and assure the subject is highlighted Press INFO Scroll to the lock image about the far-right and press OK Take Note. It is possible to press THE FINAL option in your Shaw Distant to go back to the past selection, and EXIT to leave the menu and resume viewing Television

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